Mini Waffle pastel blocks

Mini Waffle pastel blocks are the sets of elements of a characteristic shape of a „check”- symmetrical, square blocks with 4 holes and 10 insets. They can be joined together and create flat, spatial constructions.

They are ideally adjusted to 3+ kids’ needs. To produce Mini Waffle pastel blocks we use safe plastic in subtle, friendly colours. It is soft, flexible and non-toxic. It is also ecological as it is 100% recyclable. It reveals high resistance to mechanical damages, water and UV radiation.

Marioinex Mini Waffle pastel blocks

Marioinex Mini Waffle pastel blocks are the most toned variation of the brad flag product. The shades of elements are delicate, so that children can concentrate better and calm down. The toy has been designed in such a way that it has only positive impact on children. Building with the blocks is an excellent psychomotor activity as it helps to train eye-hand coordination.

Children, creating various constructions with Marioinex Mini Waffle pastel blocks, develop their imagination and creativity, as well as logical thinking and visual-spatial intelligence. Ready buildings can serve for further play as handy props that encourage children to undertake psychophysical activity.

Marioinex Mini Waffle pastel blocks

Marioinex Mini Waffle pastel blocks are produced in Poland by a family company with long tradition. Similar to all other products of that brand, they are friendly to children. Their original, well-thought design and highest quality is appreciated by parents and children, as well as specialists.

The product has been awarded in such contests as e.g. „Child Friendly World” and “Toy of the Year”. Want to know more about Marioinex Mini Waffle pastel blocks? Contact us!